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T&C for Garv Program (“offer” hereinafter also referred as “GARV”):

“GARV is a referral program introduced by Tata Motors Ltd (TML) for promotion of TML’s product and offered to the Participant/s herein below defined, wherein the Participant/s would be eligible to Reward/s or Benefit/s, as applicable.

“Referrer” shall mean a person who is a current employee of companies listed on the GARV employee registration website and provides a reference of a prospective lead for purchasing Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles.

“Referral” shall mean a person who intends to purchase Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and who is referred by the “Referrer”.

“Participants” shall mean and include the “Referrer” and “Referral” only.

“Parties” shall mean and include the “TML”; “Referrer” and “Referral” collectively.

“GARV Management Partner/s” shall mean all service provider/s including but not limiting to call centres, courier services etc. associated with TML for supporting GARV.

“Benefit/s” means the discount provided by the Dealer to the Referral upon TML’s instructions towards purchase of the Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle. The Benefit/s may vary for different models of Vehicles.

“Reward/s” means the points/vouchers provided by TML to the Referrer upon purchase of the Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle by the Referral and payment of full consideration thereof to the Dealer. The Reward/s may vary for different models of Vehicles.


1] Reward/s or Benefit/s under GARV shall be applicable if:

A] The participants reside in India only. The participants shall provide all necessary documents as and when called upon by the TML or its Dealer/s, failing which Participants shall not be eligible for Reward/s or Benefit/s under the GARV.

B] The Referral has not already been registered with a TML’s Dealer in the last 3 calendar months from the date of reference being provided or is not under present negotiations with the Dealer.

2] Reward/s or Benefit/s under GARV shall not be applicable to:

A] Employees of TML, its associate companies, its advertising agencies, its auditors and their respective relatives.

B] Self Referrals i.e. where the Referrer and the Referral are the same person.

C] The purchase of pre-owned vehicle from TML’s Dealer.

D] Bulk Purchase Deals i.e. for purchase of 3 or more vehicles or fleet sales.

PROCESS for giving referral:

A] To register a Referral, the Referrer must give a missed call on 8980408282 / write to or provide the details on the TATA Motors referral website.

B] By giving a missed call/email/registration of referral on the referral website for participating in the GARV, the Referrer explicitly permits the TML/its Dealer’s associates, legal representatives, Subsidiaries and assigns to send him / her TML’s promotional communication on the mobile number and email id.

C]GARV management partners shall contact the Referral. However, if the mobile no. of the Referral provided by the Referrer is registered as “Do Not Disturb”, the participant shall not be contacted and consequently the Participants shall not be entitled to any Benefit/s or Reward/s under GARV.

D] Upon purchase of the Tata Motor Passenger Vehicle by the Referral and payment of full consideration of the Vehicle to the Dealer, the Referral shall be eligible for receiving Benefit/s from the Dealer and the Referrer shall be eligible for receiving Reward/s from TML.

E] The amount of Benefit/s and / or the value of Reward/s shall be decided by TML at its sole discretion. The decision of TML shall be final & binding on the Parties.

F] GARV is applicable to all employees of TATA Group. Employees of TATA Motors Passenger Vehicle Commercial team are excluded from the Garv Program.

G] Employees of the participating TATA Group companies cannot refer themselves or any other employee within the same company.

H] Employees of the participating TATA Group companies cannot refer employees of other participating TATA Group employees.

I] Referrals will not be forwarded to the dealership if the referral are already registered an enquiry at the dealership.

J] Referrals will not be forwarded to the dealership if the referral are already registered an enquiry at the dealership.

GARV rewards:

1. Employee must mandatorily complete registration on for earning and redeeming Garv points. TATA Motors Limited is not responsible for any incorrectly filled registration forms.

2. Applicable Garv Points will be assigned to the participant only when the relevant sales stages are completed.

3. Participant/s are responsible for timely redemption of points. Advance communication regarding expiry of points will be sent to the participant.

4. In case for termination of employment with TATA Group, employee must redeem balance points within 3 (three) months from employment termination.

5. The Garv Points assigned to the participant are non-transferable.

6. Items / Vouchers / services procured against points redemption can be delivered/fulfilled only within India.

7. No international deliveries will be accepted.

8. GARV Schemes can change without prior intimation.

9. Sale of TATA Car under Garv Program is optional. Customers may choose not to avail benefits of this Program. Vehicles are available for sale without Garv Program also.

10. Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only.

11. If GARV and/or rewards/benefits are wrongly credited into the participant’s account, the same shall be debited and the participant will be informed accordingly.

12. Any fraud or abuse of the rewards/benefits arising out of the GARV is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by TATA Motors Limited, including forfeiture of accumulated Garv Points and related rewards/benefits, and may result into the cancellation of the registration under Garv Program.


A] Benefit/s offered to Referral may be clubbed only with selected other offers at the sole discretion of TML. The decision of TML shall be final and binding on the Parties.

B] The Benefit/s and Reward/s shall be as applicable at the time of sale of vehicle to Referral or as per the scheme of the current month. The Participants shall be responsible for checking the applicable Benefit/s or Reward/s from TML at all times.

C] Participants shall bear the applicable taxes on the Benefit/s or Reward/s availed under the GARV.

D] Reward/s on conversion of Referral to sale will be given to the Referrer only once the vehicle sales invoice has been generated in the TATA Motors system, post receipt of the full consideration from the Referral.

E] Reward/s shall be offered to the Referral within 1 month from the sales entry in the TML’s system. TML would not be responsible for any delay, loss or non-receipt of the Reward/s sent by Courier. TML or its Dealer shall not be liable for any loss of reward/s due to incorrect address or any other contact details provided by the referrer.

F] The Reward/s under GARV shall be provided by TML till stocks last.

G] Reward/s and Benefit/s have no cash value, and are not exchangeable for cash or cheque. The right to claim Reward/s or Benefit/s cannot be sold, purchased, assigned or transferred.

H] Reward/s shall have a validity period. The Referrer is responsible for utilizing the eligible Reward/s before its expiry period. TML or its Dealer shall not be responsible or liable to reissue the Reward/s which are expired or if the Referrer fails to utilize the Reward/s within the Validity Period.

I] Duplicate issuance of Reward/s will not be undertaken in case of loss/misplace/theft of the reward voucher once it is provided to the referrer.

J] The Referrer is responsible for legal and proper utilization of the Reward. TML will not be held responsible for the quality, fault and any other shortcoming or deficiency or defect in the service or product purchased by using the voucher issued as reward/s. TML/its dealer does not guarantee or warranty that the products, items and offers offered to the Referrer shall be of a superior quality or that it shall meet the expectation of the Referrer or that the performance of the products, items and offers shall be satisfactory. These products, items and offers are offered by TML to the Referrer on “AS IS”, “WHERE IS” and “HOW IS” basis, free of cost to the Referrer without any liability, risk or responsibility on the part of TML.

K] TML reserves the right to change the basis on which Reward/s and Benefit/s are offered (including the value of Reward/s and amount of benefit/s) at any time, with or without notice, at TML’s sole discretion.

L] To know scheme details of the ongoing GARV, the Participants shall give a missed call on 8980408282 or write to TML reserves the right to add/modify the specified contact number at any time without giving prior notice

M] In case of any queries, the Participants shall write to TML reserves the right to add/modify the specified email address at any time without giving prior notice

N] All disputes relating to GARV shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Mumbai only.

O] The liability of TML shall in no event exceed the amount of Benefit or value of Reward, as the case applicable.

P] TML reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time or to withdraw these terms and conditions in its entirety or for any particular Referrer or Referral without prior notice and the same shall be binding upon the Parties.

Q] TML treats all the information furnished by the participants as confidential. However, the participants consent and authorize TML to share all or any information pertaining to the Participants with it’s Dealers, GARV management partners and also to other Participants. The participants acknowledge that TML shall be constrained to disclose the information furnished by Participants, if such disclosure is required by the law or by an order of a court or the rules, regulations or enquiry by any government / statutory agency having regulatory or statutory authority over TML.

R] No person other than TML, has the authority to vary, add, amplify or waive any term or conditions.

S] TML shall not be obliged to perform any of terms and conditions or part thereof as mentioned above, if the performance thereof is prevented or delayed by any cause beyond the reasonable control of TML/its Dealer, which shall include acts of God, riots, wars, accidents, embargo, terror attacks, coup strike, natural calamities or requisition (acts of government), or delays / negligence / carelessness in the performance of the Dealers caused by any such circumstances as referred herein.

T] By Participating in GARV, the Participants consent to all the above terms and additionally confirm:

1] to abide with all applicable laws including anti bribery laws.

2] to provide referrals of only those people who they know.

3] not to be involved in any activity that may be considered fraudulent or invasive or that may be considered spamming.

4] they are 18 years and above

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